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Bodog Girls: Closed Guard in bottom position

March 26, 2012

She assumes the position

Closed guard is the most basic grappling move in mixed martial arts. Once a fight hits the ground, the closed guard is the first position fighters get into.

Even with UFC welterweight Jon Fitch’s statement that the “closed guard is dead”, it’s a fighter’s go-to move to control an opponent on top.

Here are two closed guard strategies while in bottom position.

First strategy

The best way to get out of the closed guard position is to stand up. Easy, right?

1. Grab your opponent behind his neck.

2. Separate from your opponent by kicking off his body and slipping out of your closed guard. Keep your hand placed behind his neck.

3. Using your off-hand, push yourself up to standing position.

To use this strategy you have to be quick and slick to transition from full guard to standing position.

Second strategy

You can also transition from closed guard to full mount.

1. Grab the back of your opponent’s head.

2. With your other hand, grab the wrist across from yours. Make sure your wrist is on top of his.

3. When he least expects it, try and roll him. The key here is to roll him to the side where you have control of his wrist. It also allows you more power to push his head over.

4. Use your legs to control his hips.

If done correctly, you should have full mount.