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Bodog Girls: Escape full mount position

January 14, 2014

There’s technically no way to get out of a full mount. Once somebody is sitting on your midsection expect to eat a rain of hammer fists.

You can’t escape a full mount, but you can limit the damage it brings by controlling it.

Before we teach you how to control a full mount, remember this – never ever let your opponent lock a full mount on you. Never. This is the cardinal rule of grappling. If don’t want your face to be smashed in like a tin can, don’t forget this rule.q

But if one of our Bodog Girls has fully mounted you, stay on the damn mat for as long as you want.

If you do get yourself in this predicament, here are ways to minimize the damage:

1. Bait your opponent to punch your face. This is the only opportunity for you to grab his wrists. Once you grab the wrists make sure your wrists are over his. This gives you better control of where his hands are going.

2. With wrist control, you can tug him in the direction you want. Tug him to your left, and you can slither to your right. This isn’t easy to do. You probably won’t have the strength to pull him away from you.

3. If you can’t grab his wrists, hug him down until the round ends. If your opponent is a half-naked Bodog Girl, hug her and let go only when she screams sexual harassment.