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Bodog Girls: How to do an arm bar

January 14, 2014

Arm Bar

How to apply:

1. Find a girl in a Bodog bikini.

2. Ask her if she has a history of injuries to her arm.

3. If she says none, then ask her if you can demonstrate an MMA move.

4. In closed guard position, secure your her arm.

5. While still holding her arm, place your legs across her chest. Yes, we said chest and not the other word that rhymes with it.

6. Make sure her elbow joint is against your hips.

7. Apply pressure on elbow and shoulder by leaning back and pulling on arm.

8. Repeat. This time with her doing it to you.

9. Call it quits after you’re done rolling around on the mat with her.

10. Ask her out on a date to make up for what you just did.

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