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Dan Henderson – Fighter Facts

March 27, 2014

We’re fans of Dan Henderson, one of the best MMA fighters competing today. Sure he’s a little old  now (he’s turning 43) but his record is just impressive.

Here are a few fighter facts:

  • This MMA fighter, a former Olympic wrestler, was the last Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champion
  • Henderson  was the last Welterweight and Middleweighgt champion of Pride Figthing Championships.
  • The only MMA fighter to concurrently hold two titles in two different weight classes in a major MMA promotion
  • He is 1/16 Walla Walla native American,  which explains why he looks Indian.
  • He beat Fedor Emeleniankeko  at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson 2011 via KO


Dan Henderson has fought in a ton of MMA matches but nothing is as glorious as the mathces between him and Emelianenko, Vitor Belfort and Mauricio Rua.

dan henderson punches

He knocked out Emelianenko in Strikeforce 2011, beat Belfort via unanimous decision in Pride FC in 2006 but got KO’ed in  their rematch at UFC Fight Night 32 in November 2013.

His fight with Mauricio Rua is also spectacular. Henderson who was older than Rua wasn’t expected to win but Henderson proved them wrong. This fight was widely viewed as the “Fight of the Year” for 2011.

Even though Dan Henderson lost the match to Belfort late last year, he will headline UFC Fight Night 38 when he meets Mauricio Rua for a rematch. Henderson is a fast striker but he’s a master in the Greco wrestling and we’re pretty sure we’ll see more of it in UFC Fight Night.

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