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Dream Fight – Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar

February 12, 2014

Since we had  Fedor Emelianenko as our Fighter of the Week, let’s pit him against one of the most colorful fighters in mixed martial arts history – Brock Lesnar.

Outside his MMA career, Emelianenko is an accomplished sambist and judoka. He also served in the Russian Army before venturing into MMA.

Meanwhile, Lesnar is a champion amateur wrestler who earned multiple collegiate heavyweight titles. And of course, he’s also a former world heavyweight in the professional wrestling ranks.

Yep, we pretty much have a clue as to how this fight will be fought: it will be decided on the ground.

As shown in much of his fights, Emelianenko is a methodical fighter who’ll draw his opponent to the ground and wear him down before applying the finishing hold or blow. Although he sways from it, the Russian can also land a knockout punch, just as what he gave Andrei Arlovski back in 2009.

Lesnar will likely take the fight to the ground and use his size and power to overwhelm Emelianenko. Unlike the Russian though, Lesnar will seek to ground and pound his way to victory.

brock vs fedor

While sheer force is what makes Lesnar a dangerous foe, it’s also the opening that his opponents take advantage of. Remember how Frank Mir was able to pull a kneebar on him when they first met? Or how Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem took him out with successive blow? Lesnar tends to be careless and his defense is  suspect – things that Emelianenko tend to look at and attack.

While it may  smell of a mismatch, we just couldn’t let go of the amount of buzz and money that is going to be raked in  when these two MMA heavyweight icons collide

Maybe if we can enough noise, the powers that be in the MMA can hear us.