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Fighter of the Week – Bruce Lee

February 27, 2014

We all know that legendary fighter Bruce Lee has influenced the world of martial arts in so many levels.  He is the forerunner of awesome Hollywood Martial arts films but more importantly, his passion, his discipline and  his philosophy have  influenced the succeeding generation of fighters , sportsmen, martial artists and Hollywood martial arts films.

From the real sport up to the movies, Bruce Lee really is the  catalyst in  bringing  martial arts into the world and into  people’s  lives. He influenced famous personalities like Jackie Chan, Manny Pacquiao and many more.

Sadly, he left the world pretty early.


However, several fighting communities and leagues particularly the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) wonder what would be the sport  be if he was born (and probably ruled)in a different fighting era and competed in the UFC.  What would it be like to have Bruce Lee in the UFC?

Bruce Lee in the UFC?

Bruce Lee is best known for his unprecedented martial arts skills. Being an expert on Wing-Chun, Karate and Judo, Bruce Lee in our  opinion, will really have a good time competing in the MMA especially in the UFC and BodogFIGHT

Bruce Lee on the Octagon

As we see it, any player would find it hard to strategize a plan to  take him down. He is extremely dangerous on a toe-to-toe battle and indeed very flexible on ground (see Armbar victory against Sammo Hung). Punching will be his expertise and high kicks will be the icing on the cake.

In terms of showmanship, fans will surely enjoy Bruce Lee’s “come on” antics and loud gestures. That’s why Dana White would probably find it easy to sell his fights around the world.

A Probable Match-up

When it comes to weight class, Bruce Lee would probably compete on the lightweight -middle weight division. And with that, a match against Anderson Silva will surely be one of the best  and perhaps the match every UFC fan will dream off.

Bruce Lee Vs. Anderson Silva res

Imagine Lee and Silva trading kicks (and crazy antics) They both have the best flexibility and drive to win and destroy their  opponent.

However, in my opinion, Lee would come off victorious in a 2nd round knockout catching Silva with a blinding three way head-kick. It’s his unpredictability and his wealth of moves from so many disciplines would win him this match.

He would be an undisputed true fighter of the octagon.    This is our  way of remembering “The Dragon.”