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Frank Mir – Fighter Facts

March 25, 2014

Francisco Santos Mir, III or Frank Mir is one accomplished MMA fighter.  He’s got a number of records under his belt and they are no easy feats.  See what this  heavyweight fighter has done in the past:

  • Currently holds the record for most victories and submissions in the history of the UFC heavyweight division
  • The only man in UFC history to win a bout by a toe hold submission.
  • Mir has the record for most UFC fights in the Heavyweight division.

Toe hold — now that’s an achievement. Do you know how difficult it is to do that and he performed that feat on none other than Tank Abbot, one of the strongest hitters of the UFC.

That’s something.

But there are a number of interesting things about Frank Mir.  This fighter worked as a bouncer at the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Las Vegas before entering the UFC. Before that, he won the Las Vegas wrestling state champions at 44-1. He even played football and took up track and field.

frank mir champion

It’s no wonder that this guy has accomplished great things in the MMA arena. He defeated Tim Sylvia with an armbar at UFC 48: Payback, and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion at the age of 24.

He has defeated Brock Lesnar with a kneebar submission move and Antonio Nogueira via TKO.

While he has lost a number of high profile fights, we will continue to see Frank Mir fight in the UFC and perhaps in other major fight  promotions.