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Jhenny Andrade – Ring Girl

March 28, 2014

Little is known about Jhenny Andrade. But as far as we know, this lithe charmer Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil never fails to perk up the arena every time she does her lap. She made her debut last year in UFC 163.
Jhenny likes to hit the beach whenever her schedule allows her to. But if you plan to cuddle her up on the sand, best to keep that idea within walled confines. To make it short, she wants to keep intimate moments private.

jhenny andrade

You might end up bumping onto her inside a bar so keep this in mind – she like drinks that are strawberry-flavored. Strawberry daiquiri, sherbet, margarita, etc, as long as there is strawberry, it’s all good.
Before becoming a ring girl and model, Jhenny studied journalism and dabbled a bit in television work in Brazil.
So next time a UFC event will take place, don’t you dare miss it, for you might lose the chance of seeing the sylphlike vixen strut her stuff.

jhenny andrade nude
Beware though, that wink of hers will definitely set your heart racing.

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