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Ken Shamrock – Fighter Facts

March 31, 2014

We literally grew up watching MMA with Ken Shamrock. Back in the 1990s up until early 2000s, he was the one of the best MMA fighters headlining events in UFC, Pride, Pancrase, WMMAA.  He even crossed over to World Wrestling Federation.  Ken Shamrock is a modern day icon of MMA and here are some of the facts and records on this awesome MMA fighter:

  • UFC Superfight Champion
  • Longest Fight in UFC history at 36 minutes
  • King of Pancrase Tournament Winner
  • Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals Superfight winner
  • WMMAA Heavyweight Champion


He has fought in 45 matches, won 28 of those and lost 15 matches and 2 draws.

And that’s just for MMA. Ken Shamrock also crossed over to sports entertainment joining the World Wrestling Federation  in 1998 and became the World Intercontinental Champion, the other half of the WWF Tag Team Champion and the WWF King of the Ring in 1998.

We don’t want to put all of the Ken Shamrock matches here because it would probably take forever to list them all down. Instead, we’ll just focus on two his legendary rivals:  Dan Severn and Tito Ortiz.

Ken Shamrock was instrumental in making MMA  go mainstream. In 1997, Ken Shamrock was at the top of his game drawing record crowds during his matches and it got the attention from mainstream media.


His rematch with fierce rival Dan Severn, put MMA and the UFC on mainstream’s media radar. It was so hyped and highly anticipated and but failed to live up to people’s expectations, especially for Shamrock.  He lost the match to Severn via a split decision, add to the fact that match didn’t provide the kind of entertainment and action people expected.

After this match, he went to the WWF and won several titles for himself. But MMA called him back, so Shamrock went back to MMA, fighting in the Pride Fighting Championships, and eventually going back to the UFC.

He went on to fight Tito Ortiz, one of his fiercest rivals in the MMA.  He fought Ortiz thrice, in UFC 40, UFC 61 and UFC Fight Night 6 and lost all of them.

In spite of it, and the subsequent losses, Ken Shamrock continues to be an MMA icon and will be remembered as one of the fiercest and scariest MMA fighters of all time.