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MMA News Round Up for June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014

Chael Sonnen Retires
In the biggest news of the week polarizing MMA fighter Chael Sonnen announced his retirement from the sport after failing a surprise drug test. Sonnen tested positive for anastrozole and clomiphene. Anastrozole is used to treat breast cancer and clomiphene is a female infertility drug. Both drugs are used by former/current steroid users as they try to kick start their body’s natural testosterone production. It’s likely that Sonnen was looking for a boost as he was coming off the testosterone replacement therapy. Regardless, he failed the test and the thoughts of a suspension and still bringing his body back without the help of drugs was too much. Sonnen posted this message on his Facebook page: “I want to take an opportunity to officially announcement my retirement from competitive mixed martial arts. I had a great time. I want to thank Roy Pittman. I want to thank Dave Sandal. I want to thank my coach Clayton Hires. These guys taught me how fight, they taught me how to persevere and they stood by me through thick and thin.

“I want to thank FOX, I want to thank the leadership of the UFC. I want to thank a man named Bill Brady, who gave me a second wind if you will. He’s a member of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and he believed in me at a time when I really needed somebody too, and I owe the second wind of my career to him. I am proud to call him a friend. I also want to thank the most important opponent I’ve ever had. I couldn’t have got here without this dance partner, and that is of course you, Anderson Silva. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the invitation to the barbeque, even though I didn’t take you up on it.” – Chael Sonnen

Wanderlei Silva to Appear before NSAC
Speaking of failed drug tests, Wanderlei Silva has been asked to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on June 17. Well Silva didn’t fail a test but he avoided a test and in the eyes of the commission, a missed test is a failed test.
Silva says he wants to replace Sonnen in his fight against Vitor Belfort but considering the current crack down on steroids in the fight game, Silva should focus on fighting for his career.

Dana White gives Ross Pearson his win Bonus
After one of the worst cases of UFC judging ever, Dana White is doing right by Ross Pearson. Pearson clearly won his fight against Diego Sanchez but two of the three judges didn’t see it that way; clearly they were the only two who saw Sanchez as a the winner. White said he’s giving Pearson his $30,000 win bonus from the fight and will treat Pearson as though he won the fight when he and matchmaker Joe Silva plan Pearson’s future fights. Good move by White and the UFC.

Jason High is tossed from the UFC
Also this past weekend, Jason High lost to Rafael dos Anjos but he wasn’t pleased with the result as he felt dos Anjos was hitting him illegally in the back of the head. High popped up after the fight and shoved referee Kevin Mulhall. Dana White wasn’t pleased and announced on his weekly media call that he cut High as soon as he heard of the incident. White wasn’t at the event.