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MMA News round up July 1 2014

June 30, 2014

Chael Sonnen DrugsHere are some MMA news quick hits for July 1 2014. We’ll be previewing all of the fights for the UFC’s big Independence Day Weekend where they are running back to back cards. Thankfully, they fall on consecutive days and not the same days as we saw this past weekend. Look for those this week.

Chael Sonnen fails second steroid test
First, there was the failed test for anastrozole and clomiphene, two drugs that could be explained as part of his effort to get off testosterone replacement therapy but this time he was popped for two drugs that can’t be explained so easily. Sonnen tested positive for human growth hormones and EPO, which are purely for performance not regrowing your testes. Sonnen already announced his retirement from the sport so another longer suspension means nothing. There has been a cry in some circles that he should also be removed from the Fox Sports broadcasts. It’s doubtful that will happen at least not long term, Sonnen is money in the bank with his analysis and colorful banter. Of course, if those cries get loud enough Sonnen could be back working the counter of his West Lynn Pizza shop someday soon.

Bigfoot Silva to have pituitary surgery
Antonio Bigfoot Silva is a large, large man and to get so large his pituitary gland must work overtime but now he’ll need surgery to remove a tumor on his pituitary gland. Silva had been on TRT but after testing positive for elevated levels of the hormone, he’s been suspended until September. We wish the former BodogFight fighter well and hope for a healthy return.

Myles Jury to fight Nate Diaz…Maybe
The Diaz brother’s sideshow continues and the latest comes as Myles Jury tweeted to Nate Diaz that he’s accept an offer to fight the Stockton California native. But in true Diaz fashion, the initial response he got from Nate was crickets. The Diaz tweeted “Bout my money #breakbread till then don’t call” and followed up with “#entrepreneur”. Diaz isn’t happy with his contract, despite recently signing a new one with the UFC earlier this year. Dana White is at a loss saying he’s trying to twist the brother’s arms but it’s doubtful we’ll see Jury-Diaz anytime soon.