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MMA News Round up July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014


Ben Askren picking fights on Twitter
Ben Askren, the former Bellator welterweight champion and all around badass wrestler took to twitter yesterday to call out the UFC’s welterweight champion Johny Hendricks.
@BenAskren: I dare any media member to ask @JohnyHendricks if I make him nervous and post his stuttering response.

Askren retweeted some gems from fans; perhaps the best was from @mrpunkmouth “Dana’s scared, @Benaskren. He knows you’ll hold that fat hillbilly down until he starves to death and there’s not shit he can do about it”.

Hendricks didn’t take the bait but former welterweight champion Matt Hughes responded to Askren and the following exchange took place.

@BenAskren: I dare any media member to ask @JohnyHendricks if I make him nervous and post his stuttering response.

@mattHughes9x: You talk to much ben.

@BenAskren: “You talk to much ben.” That’s your opinion

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren very true. I got where I am by doing
not talking.

@BenAskren: “@matthughes9x: very true. I got where I am by doing not talking.” Lots of ways to skin a (cat).

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren that won’t get you to the big show.

@BenAskren: “@matthughes9x: Did a world of good for Mr. Sonnen.
Dana can only deny I am the best for so long.

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren open your eyes… Anyone can pad a record. Beat a top 15 guy.
@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren I’m not doubting your talent, though I disagree with you. It’s your fighting style.

@BenAskren: @matthughes9x I do appreciate the advice. I also think it is cute how you stuck up for @JohnyHendricks since he can’t do it himself.

@mattHughes9x: No one needs to protect Johny.

Askren is an unenviable place, he’s one of the best 170lbsers on the planet but without a UFC contract or an electrifying style that makes fans beg to see him fight, he’s left to ranting on twitter and destroying the best Asia has to offer in ONE FC.

More Trouble for Chael
Nevada’s Attorney General filed a formal complaint against Chael Sonnen as a result of the second failed drug test earlier this month. The state is looking for a maximum fine of $250,000 and a reimbursement of all costs associated with the case including attorney’s fees, lab fees and other “investigative” expenses. It’s been a bad week for Sonnen as he was cut loose from the UFC and his analyst gig on Fox Sports. At least he always has his Pizza empire to fall back on.

Dustin Holyko cut for Racist Tattoos
The World Series of Fighting has released Dustin Holyko citing his criminal past and racist tattoos. The organization apparently hired Holyko as a last minute fill-in and hadn’t seen the “White Pride” or “SS” tattoos adorning his body. Holyko has been arrested 3 times for domestic battery, animal cruelty and attempting to escape from prison. To be fair to the WSOF, those are all things most people wouldn’t put on their resumes.