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Tank Abbot – Fighter Facts

March 20, 2014

We’re taking a trip down memory lane at BodogFight and today, we’re thinking one of the most powerful MMA fighters and hardest hitters  back then -  David Lee “Tank” Abbot.

He was one of the best fighters in the early years of the UFC and continues to fight to this day.

Here are some fighter facts about Tank Abbot

  • He was jailed for severely beating a customer back when he was working for a Liquor store
  • He made his professional MMA debut in UFC 6 Clash of the Titans in 1995 and knocked out Hawaiian fighter John Matua, who weighed 400 lb, in just 18 seconds
  • He appeared as a UFC fighter in the TV show Friends

He has fought in 25 MMA matches, won 10 of them but lost 15 of these  matches.

Abbot never really won any MMA titles but he was known for his powerful punches and wrestling acumen.  Tank Abbot’s matches drew a lot of attention and were considered the highlights of early UFC events
Tank Abbot

His last  MMA match was at the King of the Cage: Fighting Legends. Abbot fought against another MMA veteran and legend Ruben “Warpath” Villareal. He lost to Warpath  by way of a 2nd round TKO.  He was  47 years  at the time.


Will we see Tank Abbot fight again in the cage? Who knows but at BodogFIGHT, we’ve already thought of our next Dream Match and it’s going to involve Tank Abbot.

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