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Types of MMA bets

May 13, 2014

When betting on mixed martial arts there are usually several options for each fight and the bigger the fights, the more MMA betting options you’ll have. Let’s go through some of the more popular MMA bet types that you’ll be able to find at your local sportsbook.

Side – The side is probably the easiest MMA bet to explain. You’re picking a side, you’re going to bet on one fighter or the other. To balance the action between two fighters of varied skill levels, MMA oddsmakers will side a line on each fighter. The odds partly represent the fighter’s chances of winning and partly reflect the public’s perception of the fighter’s chances of winning. If a fighter is more skilled, bettors will need to risk more money to they can win. For example if I fighter is a 1/2 favorite, bettors would have to risk $200 for every $100 they wanted to win if their fighter is victorious. On the flipside, bettors will win more money than they risk if they take an underdog, the fighter who is perceived to have less of a chance to win the fight. If the fighter is a 3/2 underdog, a bettor could risk $100 but win $150 if their side wins the fight.

Round Totals – These are like over and under in football or basketball in so much that it doesn’t matter who wins the fight but what matters is if the fight goes over or under a certain amount of time. These bets are simple the oddsmaker will estimate the length of the fight for example if it’s a title fight, they might hang a line of O/U3½ (-115), this means if the fight finishes before 2m31 of the 3rd round the under 3½ is the winner but if it goes longer, the over is the winner.

werdum vs rodrigo

Method of Victory – MMA oddsmakers will often let bettors bet on the method of victory for fights. For smaller fights, bettors can chose between a decision victory by either fighter or a bet on a fighter finishing the match before it goes to the judges cards. In larger fights, some oddsmakers will offer odds expanded options on method of victory to include the type of ways a fighter will finish a fight. Bettors can choose knockout, technical knockout, submission or decision.

UFC Props – Some sportsbooks will offer odds on which fighter will win a performance of the night bonus. These props will list all the fighters on the card with varying odds of earning either a fight of the night bonus or a performance bonus for a submission or a knockout.