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UFC 174 Odds – Johnson vs. Bagautinov

June 11, 2014

June 14 the UFC returns to Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia for UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov. The main event features one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet in Demetrious Johnson taking on Russian fighter Ali Bagautinov in a UFC flyweight title fight.

Johnson is a huge favorite in the eyes of the UFC odds makers as he’s currently listed as a huge -600 favorite. UFC bettors will need to risk $600 for every $100 they want to win betting on Johnson. Anyone who takes the challenger Bagautinov stands to win $400 for every $100 risked if there’s an upset.

UFC 174 Fight Odds

  • Ali Bagautinov = +400
  • Demetrious Johnson = -600

Johnson is the king of the UFC’s Flyweight division and he’s intent on keeping the crown. It’s hard to envision Bagautinov snatching it from him.

Johnson has two losses on his record but both were against larger fighter outside his natural weight division. His first loss come to Brad Pickett who was fighting at Bantamweight at the time and his second was to former UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. When fighting at his natural 125lbs, Johnson has dominated; he’s unbeaten in 6 and winner of his last five.

The scary part about Johnson is that every fight he is improving. He won a split decision against Joseph Benavidez in 2012 and then decisively KO’d Benavidez in the first round of their 2013 rematch. When he fought John Moraga, he dominated Moraga with his outstanding wrestling until he finally pulled off the latest stoppage in UFC history by tapping Moraga at 3:43 of the fifth.

Johnson’s striking is excellent and improving every fight, his wrestling is world class, which shows his dedication to the craft, as he never competed in college. The biggest differentiator for Johnson is his speed and motor, he doesn’t stop, he’s in and out with strikes and even though his opponents are some of the quickest in the cage, Johnson is just a bit quicker.

What are Bagautinov’s chances? Well according the bookies, 4/1. He is an excellent wrestler, I would say on par with Johnson. His submissions are excellent and he’s not likely to lose to a tap. Speed will be the difference and Bagautinov just doesn’t have enough to keep up with Mighty Mouse. Look for Johnson to win a five round decision.