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UFC 175 Odds – Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis

July 2, 2014

Ronda RouseyOn Saturday night in Las Vegas, UFC 175 plays hosts two title fights on the card. The main-event has middleweight champion Chris Wiedman defending his title against former UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. The co-main event features the baddest woman on the planet, Ronda Rousey defends her title against Canadian grappler Alexis Davis.

As expected, the undefeated Rousey is a huge favorite coming into this fight as the UFC bookmakers have her as an incredible -1400 favorite. UFC bettors would need to risk $1400 for every $100 they want to win. When the odds are that high the favorite won’t take a lot of action except when gamblers include the almost sure win in parlay bets. I say almost sure when because just a little over a month ago we saw big underdog T.J. Dillashaw defeat Renan Barao as an equally big underdog. If you think Davis can pull off the Dillashaw sized upset, bookies will pay $750 for every $100 risked on the Canadian.

UFC Women’s Title Odds
Alexis Davis +750
Ronda Rousey -1400

Ronda Rousey is becoming the UFC’s biggest star. She’s dominated all of her opponents, she sublimely skilled, beautiful and carries a bad girl attitude that has earned her plenty of mainstream crossover fans.

With traditional PPV moneymakers Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva on hiatus from the organization, the UFC needs star fighters who are intriguing enough to make people spend $50 on a PPV. Rousey, while not likely to surpass Silva or GSP, has the star power to move the needle on PPV buys.

That PPV love could be short lived if the UFC fails to find Rousey competition worthy of bringing her into deep water. Every hero needs to have doubts about their brilliance before they finally overcome in order to truly connect with fans. To this point, Rousey has only been out of the first round one time in her career; a third round submission victory over Miesha Tate.

Alexis Davis has had a solid career and she’s shown great improvement in the past 4 years. She’s won 8 of her past 9 fights, finishing 4 opponents along the way. She’s a black belt in both Japanese and Brazilian jiu-jitsu which on paper should help her last longer against Rousey but fights aren’t fought on paper.

Rousey is relentless, she will come at Davis, not shying away from mixing it up with opponent. As much as I enjoy watching the women fight, this fight will go like the rest. Rousey will get her hands on Davis, throw her to the ground with her incredible judo and the it’s only a matter of time before Davis succumbs to an armbar. The only question in this fight is when end. If you’re betting on multiple fights, feel free to include Rousey in all of your parlays, it’s a safe bet.