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Eddie Alvarez – Fighter Facts

April 1, 2014

Eddie Alvarez has fought in a lot of fighting promotions  and  the man’s MMA record proves how good he has become.

His win record is impressive as well.  Check it out below:

  • Fought in Ring of Combat, Reality Fighthing, Euphoria,  MARS, ShoXC, DREAM, Dyamite Fighting Promotions, and  ProElite’s EliteXC.
  • Alvarez is the first and current Bellator Lightweight Champion
  • He won the BodogFIGHT Welterweight Championship
  • He was also the Mixed Fighting Championship Welterweight Championship


Alvarez is known for his boxing prowess but he started off as a wrestler and placed 6th in National Prep School Wrestling Championships in 2000 and 2001 in the US.  But Alvarez wanted to do more so right after high school and after 8 months of formal training, he started his professional MMA career in earnest.

Eddie Alvarez

He started in Rings of Combat and won first two matches beating Anthony Ladonna  and Adam Fearon via KO and Submission respectively.

He then moved on to Reality Fighting and beat Chris Schlesinger via Submission. After the stint at Reality Fighting, he signed up  for Euphoria where he fought Japanese and  Russian fighters. He came out on top as well. He then tried MFC: Russia vs USA where he won his first title: MFC Welterweight Championship

He didn’t slow down and by 2006 he has fought in MARS 4 and then spent close to a year fighting in BodogFIGHT. He  won his first two BodogFIGHT matches against Aaron Riley and Scott Ainze. But it was in BodogFIGHT that he had his first taste of defeat when he went against Nick Thompson. He would later redeem himself to his BodogFIGHT fans by beating  Nick Thompson via a unanimous decision.

After BodogFIGHT, he moved   to ShoXC and Dream Fighting Promotions. When he went to Dynamite!! and fought Shinya Aoki, he suffered his second loss.  After that fight, he moved onto the Bellator where he won his next three matches.  He briefly came back to fight for Dream but from then on it was Bellator matches. Out of the 10 Bellator fights that he has fought, he has only lost once.

One of his best fights was against Michael Chandler in Bellator 58. He lost his first match against Chandler via a Rear Naked Choke hold.  They would face each other in Bellator 106 and this time Alvarez would win against Chandler via a split decision.

It’s not the end of this awesome rivalry as the split decision doesn’t redeem Alvarez to his Bellator fans.  He has to defeat Chandler definitively either by submission or KO.  We hope to see this match again in the very near future.