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Bodog Girls: How to perform a double leg takedown

January 4, 2014

Figure 1: Shoot forward and grab her behind the knees

The key to a successful takedown isn’t the takedown itself; it’s the set-up. It all starts with anticipation. Invite your opponent to throw a jab. To do this you should be able to feint a punch convincingly. Once your opponent throws a lazy strike at you, he becomes vulnerable for a takedown.

How to perform a double leg takedown with a Bodog Girl:

1. While walking down the sandy shores of Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, invite the hottest Bodog Girl to the nearest MMA gym.

2. While both in fighting stance, feint a strike. She’ll throw a strike that has no chance of hitting you.

3. Duck under her blow and shoot forward.

Figure 2: Turn her to your left

4. Grab her behind her knees and pull her back foot forward. (As shown in Figure 1)

5. Place your head next to her hip for more leverage.

6. Lift her to your left and bring her down. (As shown in Figure 2)

7. Today’s your lucky day. Establish top position with your body across her’s. Pin her down and secure side control. (As shown in Figure 3)

Figure 3: Establish top control