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BodogFight: Cotto vs. Mayweather

March 9, 2012

Let’s move on from all the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (42-0) vs. Manny Pacquiao superfight talk because they’re not fighting each other any time soon. Mayweather is fighting Miguel Cotto (37-2) in May and Pacquiao faces Timothy Bradley in June. On the horizon is a fight that should’ve happened five years ago — Mayweather vs. Cotto.

Mayweather is one of the best defensive boxers in history as statistics point out. The Las Vegas resident is the least hit fighter and also the most accurate puncher. Despite being blessed with all the talent in the world, Mayweather never called Cotto out five years ago when the Puerto Rican star was undefeated.

Many pundits believe Cotto isn’t the same fighter he was before. These so-called “experts” point out that the beatings he suffered against Antonio Margarito and Pacquiao have worn Cotto down. He’s bounced back nicely since then but naysayers keep saying he’s damaged goods. There’s absolutely no sense with this logic. Are all fighters with defeats damaged goods? He’ll open up as the underdog in his match against Floyd.

It’s too early to preview their match, but Cotto has no clear advantage over Mayweather. Floyd is the better boxer, he’s faster, smarter, and adjusts as the fight goes on. This could turn out to be a one sided fight reminiscent of Mayweather’s bout against Victor Ortiz — minus the head butt and sucker punch of course.

Cotto is a very good boxer, don’t get us wrong, but Mayweather is on another level.

Photo: Wiki Commons