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March 2012: Boxing’s Top Pound for Pound Boxers

March 12, 2012
PacMan is No. 2 on our list

1. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (42-0)

Slugfest: When Floyd and Manny Pacquiao failed to negotiate a fight against each other, Floyd signed up the next-most popular fighter — Miguel Cotto. He’ll fight the Puerto Rican star without a catchweight and at Cotto’s natural weight of 154 lbs.

Borefest: Floyd is delusional when he says he wants to fight Pacquiao and not offer him a percentage of pay-per-view money. Last time we checked both fighters draw huge pay-per-view dough, respectively. It’s as if he’s saying he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao.

2. Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2)

Slugfest: Pacquiao has faced slower, older, and stationary opponents in his recent outings. Timothy Bradley is a hungry and young fighter. He poses a legitimate threat to Pacquiao.

Borefest: He’s facing Bradley and not Mayweather. A Pacquiao – Mayweather fight should’ve happened three times by now. Both camps deserve the blame after failed negotiations.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1)

Slugfest: We expected Pacquiao to blow Marquez out of the water in their third fight. Instead we were treated to an epic action-packed bout. Marquez simply has Pacquiao’s number.

Borefest: Marquez is set to fight WBO contender Cesar Rene Cuenca on April 14th at Mexico City. Hopefully he gets a shot at the Amir Khan – Lamont Peterson winner before the year ends.

4. Sergio Martinez (48-2-2)

Slugfest: Unable to land big money fights against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Martinez is set to face the next contender on the middleweight list, Matthew Macklin.

Borefest: Martinez should call out middleweight title holder Dmitry Pirog instead of Pacquiao and Mayweather. Quit calling out fighters two weight classes below.

5. Nonito Donaire, Jr. (28-1)

Slugfest: If the boxing gods grant our wish, he’ll either fight Christian Mijares or Jorge Arce. We hope the gods choose Arce in a can’t-miss fight.

Borefest: After destroying titlist Fernando Montiel, Donaire, though not his fault, gave us two disappointing fights in a row.

6. Andre Ward (25-0)

Slugfest: Ward deserves a break after winning Showtime’s Super Six World Boxing Classic.

Borefest: The talented Oakland-native should face Lucian Bute, who fights Super Six runner-up Carl Froch in May, before the year ends. We’d be disappointed if he fights someone else.

7. Wladimir Klitschko (57-3)

Slugfest: Wlad retained his title for the 11th time and no heavyweight in sight is a threat to his reign.

Borefest: He’s slated to fight Tony Thompson for the second time. Klitschko knocked out Thompson in 2008. Here’s to another overmatched opponent for Wlad.

8. Vitali Klitschko (44-2)

Slugfest: Klitschko is so talented and dominant that he beat Dereck Chisora with one arm in February.

Borefest: With a torn ligament in his left shoulder, Klitschko will be out for at least eight months. He’ll most likely face loudmouth David Haye once he recovers in a fight we don’t really want to see.

9. Bernard Hopkins (52-5-2)

Slugfest: Has a rematch with Chad Dawson on April 28.

Borefest: Isn’t every Hopkins fight a borefest? Kidding. Hopkins is a tactician and one of the smartest boxers to ever live. He picks his spots and closes distances before an opponent can unload punches.

10. Lucian Bute (30-0)

Slugfest: Bute vs. Froch has Fight of the Year written all over it.

Borefest: The fight everyone wants to see is Ward vs. Bute but no one’s complaining with his slated May fight with Carl Froch. If he gets past Froch, there’s no question that he should fight Ward next.

Photo: Wiki Commons/Gdon123