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rear half naked choke

Bodog Girls: How to do a rear half naked choke

Our Bodog Girls demonstrate how to effectively apply a rear (half) naked choke. Pay close attention. We dare you to focus on the instructions and not the girls in bikinis.

Escape full mount

Bodog Girls: Escape full mount position

Before we teach you how to control a full mount, remember this – never ever let your opponent lock a full mount on you. Never. This is the cardinal rule of grappling.

arm bar

Bodog Girls: How to do an arm bar

Don’t you hate sweaty men giving you instructions on how to perform MMA submission moves? Look no further because our Bodog Girls demonstrate how to effectively apply an arm bar. They’ll guide you every step of the way.


Bodog Girls: How to perform a double leg takedown

The key to a successful takedown isn’t the takedown itself; it’s the set-up. It all starts with anticipation. Invite your opponent to throw a jab.

Full guard

Bodog Girls: Closed Guard in bottom position

Closed guard is the most basic grappling move in mixed martial arts. Once a fight hits the ground, the closed guard is the first position fighters get into. Even with UFC welterweight Jon Fitch’s statement that the “closed guard is dead”, it’s a fighter’s go-to move.