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Fabricio Werdum – Fighter Facts

March 29, 2014

Here’s another awesome Brazilian MMA fighter and another heavy hitter. Fabricio Werdum has racked up a pretty impressive record in the MMA arena.


Even before fighting in the MMA, he was  already an accomplished  martial art champion, winning the Brazilian  Jiujitsu World Championship early in  his career.  Check out the rest of his accomplishments below:


  • Two time Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion even though he only trained with white and purple belts
  • Two time ADCC World Heavyweight Champion
  • Weirdum competed in Pride, UFC, Strikeforce and Jungle Fight
  • He has competed in 23  matches, won 17 of those and lost 5 fights.


While he hasn’t won any titles, he has fought with some of the greatest MMA fighters of the 21st century.

One of his greatest matches was against Fedor Emelianenko, perhaps the best MMA fighter in the world. He faced Fedor at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum match.  Previously,  Werdum fought Fedor’s younger brother, Alexander Emelianenko,  beating the Russian by submission with an arm triangle choke.

werdum vs rodrigo

This match was completely different as Fedor is a fighter on a completely different level. Fedor is a heavy hitter but he has won fights through submission as well whereas Werdum has won 40% of his matches via submission.

People thought it was going to be tough a  match for Werdum and that Fedor would win.  Nobody saw it coming and nobody predicted that the match would end that abruptly. In the first minute of the match, Fedor drops Werdum with a right hook, and proceeds to hammer him. He makes his first attempt at

triangle armbar but Fedor slips out of the lock and proceeds to hammer him again. It was the second attempt that finally locked Fedor in the deep armbar lock. Fedor Emelianenko tapped out at 1:09.  It was one of the biggest upsets in MMA history and broke Fedor’s 28 straight win record.

Since then Fabricio Werdum has only lost to Alistair Overeem but every since he came back to the UFC he won against Roy Nelson, Mike Russow and he beat Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera,  one of the best MMA fighter as well.

This awesome win gave him the distinction of being the only fighter to hold submission victories over Fedor Emelianenko and Noguiera, both of whom were former Pride FC heavyweight champions.