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OneFC: War of Lions – Folayang vs. Laursen

March 13, 2012

Photo courtesy of Tyrone Chui

OneFC: War of Lions – Folayang vs. Laursen

These two Filipino warriors were scheduled to fight last year in One FC: Champion vs. Champion but their bout was scrapped after Ole Laursen suffered an injury during training camp. Laursen was replaced by A Sol Kwon.

Eduard Folayang (11-1)

Eduard Folayang faced tenacious Korean fighter A Sol Kwon in an exciting fight. Kwon was able to use Folayang’s wild aggression to his advantage and broke Folayang’s nose in the first round. Despite the broken nose, Folayang maintained pressure and trudged forward. He cruised to victory over Kwon.

Folayang has a diverse stand-up game based on his Wushu training. From the opening bell to the final round he’s relentless and keeps coming forward. He has vicious ground and pound. Folayang’s weakness is his inside game. He has trouble unloading strikes while in a clinch.

Ole Laursen (5-3)

Laursen’s strength lies in his Muay Thai. He has 53 professional Muay Thai fights under his belt. He’s been in wars himself. He’s very aggressive at the start of bouts. Four of his five MMA wins have either ended via knockout or submission. Laursen knows how to finish fights.

With Folayang’s tendency to let his guard down, Laursen can score an early knockout. Folayang chooses to fight standing up despite his vicious ground and pound. Laursen can take advantage of Folayang’s unwillingness to take the fight to the ground and attempt to finish with an early submission.

Prediction: Folayong’s the younger and more rounded fighter. He’ll fight through Laursen’s early onslaught to win the match.

You can bet it’ll be fireworks when these two fighters meet on March 31 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Fans will be in for a treat.

For complete fight details check out OneFC’s website.