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OneFC starts strong, heralds more events in Asia

September 6, 2011
Posted by: Tyrone Chui

Bloodied Folayang readies for an attack - Photo By Tyrone Chui

A stacked fightcard, broken noses, bloodied faces, submissions and KOs– everything fight fans like to see in any MMA event– was what OneFC delivered in its debut event at the packed Singapore Indoor Stadium last September 3.

In front of an excited crowd, MMA champions from all over Asia slugged it out in an action packed night as fighters who came to represent their countries greatly entertained the awestruck fight fans.

Kim Connects with a straight Right - Photo By Tyrone Chui

The event opened with an exciting match between Leandro Issa and Soo Chul Kim, which ended in a decision in favor of Issa. The match was followed by the MMA debut of WBA Bantamweight Champion of the World Yodsanan Sityodtong against Daniel Mashmaite, a Muay Thai world champion. As expected,  the fight ended quickly with a TKO victory by Sityodtong via knee strike to the head that sent Mashmaite down to the canvas.

Rahman's Vicious ground and pound - Photo By Tyrone Chui

Meanwhile, the fight between Vuyisile Colossa of South Africa and China’s Ma Xing Yu ended quickly with the night’s first KO victory by Colossa.

Singapore’s very own Radeem Rahman also dominated Indian Karate champion Susovan Ghosh, ending the fight at 3 minutes and 18 seconds of the first round with a TKO victory.

The last undercard match between Eddie Ng and Yuan Chun Bo was the night’s quickest bout. This one ended in just 45 seconds after a failed submission attempt by Bo resulted in a series of bombs dropped by  Ng that knocked his opponent cold.

The main card was kicked off with a fight between Zorobabel Moreira and Andy Wang. Zoro, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt, surprised audiences by slugging it out with his opponent instead of going to the ground. Zoro came out on top and effectively controlled Wang in each clinch. He also threw devastating elbows and knees that resulted in a TKO victory over Wang via knee strikes to the body while Wang was on the ground.

Gregor Gracie, from the Renzo Gracie fight camp, won via unanimous decision against the resilient Seok Mo Kim of Korea. Gracie dominated all three rounds, controlling the Korean on the canvass with successive submission attempts. However, Kim proved to be a tough opponent and refused to submit until the fight ended.

Eric Kelly and Mitch Chilson battles it out - Photo By Tyrone Chui

Perhaps the biggest upset of the night was a submission victory for the Filipino URCC Champion Eric Kelly over the Singapore-based two-time Martial Combat champion Mitch Chilson via rear naked choke. Both undefeated fighters started the fight with guns blazing. Chilson took Kelly down, but the Filipino threw a short elbow on his back and opened a cut above Chilson’s eye. The match was stopped momentarily as doctors examined the cut. Chilson came out swinging as the fight resumed. The two men ended up clinched against the cage, and Kelly wrapped his arm around his opponent’s neck. This finished the fight with Chilson refusing to tap and ending up unconscious at 3 minutes and 10 seconds of the first round.

Meanwhile, the match between the UFC and Pride FC veteran Phil Baroni and the Japanese Judo blackbelt Yoshiyuki Yoshida ended with a unanimous decision win for Yoshida. Yoshida dominated all three rounds by taking Baroni down and controlling him on the ground.

For the main event of the evening, Filipino URCC champion Eduard Folayang was pitted against the heavy hitting Heat FC Champion A Sol Kwon. The Filipino, known for his powerful takedowns and ground-and-pound chose to slug it out with his opponent landing numerous leg kicks, a barrage of solid combinations and took Kwon down momentarily.  At the end of the first round, the Korean’s striking did more damage, leaving the Filipino with a bloodied nose.

As the match continued, Folayang attacked ferociously, throwing inside leg kicks and combinations at the opening of round two. Kwon, being the heavy hitter, threw a solid counter punch that cut Folayang over his right eyebrow. Despite the broken nose and cut on his brow, Folayang continued to chase the Korean around the cage throwing combinations mixed with leg and body kicks that took effect during the later rounds. Folayang scored another takedown before the round ended.

The third round continued on the same note, with the Filipino chasing his fading opponent with combinations and kicks finishing the round with a flurry that Kwon seemed to be too exhausted to answer.

The event was capped with the awarding of $5000 to the first ever Fight of the Night Bonus awarded to Eduard Folayang, Submission of the Night to Eric Kelly, and Knock Out of the Night to Radeem Rahman by the CEO and owner of OneFC Mr. Victor Cui.

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