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Rampage: Stay or go?

March 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of Sherdog

Is it time for Rampage to walk away?

Recently on social media giant Twitter, Rampage Jackson announced that his next fight will be his last one in the UFC.

According to Jackson he’s leaving the UFC because he’s not satisfied with the money the company is paying him. It’s safe to say that Jackson is one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC and earns six figures for each fight, excluding sponsorship fees, pay-per-view cuts and performance bonuses. Perhaps Jackson wants to borrow from boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s business model and earn upwards of $40 million. Sure, it works for boxing because of Mayweather’s independent promotion machinery and his solo slice of the pay-per-view profits, but for MMA? Not going to happen any time soon.

There are rumors Jackson is WWE bound, as he revealed in his tweets that he’ll continue fighting just not in the UFC. If that’s indeed true, then Jackson and Brock Lesnar can fight each other in next year’s Wrestlemania.

For a fighter who’s won only twice in his last five fights, it makes no sense for Jackson to ask for more money. He has made tons of promises in the past about how ready he is to reclaim the title and how motivated he is to fight. Only Jackson knows if there’s some truth to his boasts.

If Jackson is able to regain his wrestling skills and powerful slams then he should stay in the UFC. But if we’re going to get a one-dimensional Rampage every fight then it’s time for the MMA legend to walk away.