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Should Frankie Edgar move down in weight?

February 29, 2012
Frankie EdgarPhoto courtesy of Sherdog

Should Frankie Edgar move down in weight? That’s the most prominent question surrounding Frankie Edgar’s future after losing the UFC lightweight title to Ben Henderson.

Frankie Edgar is almost always the smaller man when he steps into the UFC octagon. His loss to Ben Henderson for the UFC lightweight title highlighted one Edgar flaw – his diminutive size. Edgar, standing at 5′ 6″, has beaten bigger opponents in Gray Maynard and B.J. Penn, but fell short (pardon the pun) against Henderson. Perhaps fighting bigger opponents has worn down Edgar and it finally showed in his title defense against Henderson. He fought a competitive fight, no doubt about it, but if he continues to fight opponents who are physically bigger and younger, his MMA career won’t last long.

Edgar doesn’t cut weight for the 155-pound limit. He doesn’t need to. Previous opponents Maynard, Henderson, and Penn had to cut weight just to come in within the limit. He’s naturally the smaller man in every match. His frame belongs in the featherweight division. There he can instantly fight Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight championship.

But the fight with Aldo can wait. Edgar is talented enough to rule the lightweight division. The call for Edgar to move to featherweight is absurd. The former champ has proven time and time again that his talent can compete at 155. He lost to a former WEC champ. There’s no shame in that and it also doesn’t mean he needs to campaign in another division. It’s not like he was outclassed and completely dominated – it was a close fight.

It’s not time for Edgar to move down. UFC head honcho Dana White should give him another shot at Henderson – not right away, but soon. One more shot at the title.

Are we going to call Edgar out and call for him to drop down a division despite beating the best the UFC lightweight division has to offer? No. At least not yet.