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Throwback Thursdays: Penn vs. Machida

March 22, 2012

Penn vs. Machida

K-1: Hero 1 Open weight tournament
Japan, 2005

Seven years ago, B.J. Penn fought Lyoto Machida in K-1′s open weight tournament. Penn jumped an incredible two weight classes and was outweighed by Machida by 34 pounds. Even though he was dominated by Machida, Penn more than held his own against the naturally bigger opponent.

Penn landed some pretty good right hands that caught Machida’s attention.

A lightweight fighting a light heavyweight was unheard of at the time. It’s like having Ben Henderson come up in weight to fight Jon Jones.

After their battle in K-1, both would go on to win championship gold in the UFC. In different weight classes of course.

During Machida’s reign as UFC’s light heavyweight, Penn expressed in an issue of Fighters Only magazine that Machida is the “real deal.” He should know. Penn was the UFC lightweight champ at the time.

No matter how arrogant and polarizing Penn may seem to others, we can’t deny the fact that the Hilo native has some balls.

What the full fight below courtesy of K-1.